The magic of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is giving the public a long desired look into Michael Jackson’s legal troubles today.

According to the FBI, there have been FOIA requests (yes, plural, but it doesn’t say just how many) for investigative files on the late MJ. The seven files total 333 pages (those of you into numerology should be mildly spooked) and the FBI emphasizes that none of the investigations ever lead to convictions in court.

The first file is in regards to a federal case against a California man who had pretended to be the son of John Gotti, written threatening letters to Jackson and staked out his house. The nut job was found unfit to stand trial and went to prison for two years.

Both the second and third files are on the 1993 molestation investigation. Public records on Jackson, potential witness interviews and other leads never amounted to much, as no charges were ever filed.

The fourth file involves a 1995 investigation into the possibility that Jackson possessed child pornography. This case, too, went nowhere, after forensic specialists said the tape was a “poor quality third of forth generation recording.”

Finally, the sixth, seventh and eighth files all deal with the extensive 2003 molestation investigation that eventually went to trial in 2005. This was his most recent, and last, child molestation battle. The files include an FBI response to an LAPD request to “analyze computers and digital media obtained from Jackson’s home under court warrant,” a request by the Santa Barbara County DA for help from behavioral analysts, and an FBI agent’s trip to New York to interview a potential witness, who was unwilling to cooperate.

So, if you’d like to sift through several hundred pages of a rather questionable life, check out the FBI investigative files on Mr. Michael Jackson, King of Pop.

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