Boston Police said a ticked off mom called 911 on Saturday complaining that she couldn’t get her son to stop playing video games.

Around 2:30 a.m., police received a domestic disturbance call for a Boston mother whose son refused to go to sleep, said Boston Police spokesman Eddy Crispin, in a phone interview. The mother told police that her son was playing Grand Theft Auto all night, and refused to go to bed when she told him to. The son, 14, also reportedly ran around the house turning all the lights on when the mother ordered him to bed.

Crispin said police receive calls all the time about kids who refuse to obey their parents, but it was the first time he could remember video games being involved.

“I can’t say never — you name it, we’ve gotten it,” Crispin said.

Two police officers responded and talked with the boy, convincing him to listen to his mother and go to bed.

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