I’m a gamer who likes to get personal. Everything from my iPod Touch protective case to my WaveBird Nintendo Gamecube controller are decked out with decals and designs of my choosing and preferences.

My gaming interests and habits range from logging way too many hours in the World of Warcraft to first-person-shooters played across the expanses of Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

However, even though I’ve played most everything out there in one capacity or another, there are two franchises I  always, without fail, return to on a near-daily basis.

Halo 3 and Guitar Hero.

Now, in my wildest dreams I never expected to see Master Chief shredding to “Through the Fire and The Flames” or Judy Nails fragging enemies in the world of Halo, but believe it or not, these two franchises have come together.

Enter GelaSkins, an online marketplace perfectly suited for the gamer who loves personalization.

The company offers custom artwork in the form of skins, for devices devices ranging from iPhones to Kindles to more gaming specific items like DS Lites, Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers, and literally everything in between.

You can choose from the many stock images available or upload, as in my case, your own personal image to slap on any one of your personal media devices.

I chose to adorn my Guitar Hero Les Paul guitar controller body with that of the uber-famous “Halo-Headshot” image found on the Bungie.net forums and the head with the classic Halo 3 logo.

I was skeptical as to how the image would look when plastered on my guitar, but thankfully, GelaSkins has a very intuitive and effective “preview” application on its Web site, affording consumers the ability to see exactly how your creation will look before placing an order.

When I finally had my idea created how I wished, I placed my order and sent away for the bad boy.

This is what I received in the mail.

The stickers, all nice and packaged.

The stickers, all nice and packaged.

Thankfully, as I am not a man who’s great a putting things together, the stickers simply, well, stick on, and it was literally just that easy.

Just minutes later my once dull black Les Paul morphed into a plastic instrument of the Halo nature, telling all who mess with me, they’ll lose their skull if they get too close! or something like that.




Needless to say, the Guitar came out great, but there’s more! Inside the package I received from GelaSkins was this very unexpected yet wholly awesome coaster with the GelaSkin logo plastered on it.

I’ll knock a glass back to that!


Drinks anyone?

Head on over to GelaSkins.com to see everything the site has to offer and let us know, in picture form, what you think of my Halo axe and anything you’ve created or desire to.

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