You know what they say about opinions, and we all know that we are entitled to them.

The media gets a bad rap for publishing incriminating information on certain celebrities, politicians and manufacturers when unexpected events come about. We speak highly of underdogs and stories of struggle that rise above circumstances to make a glorious victory but there always seems to be someone on the other side who has to rain on the parade. I think back to all the corny quotes we came up with in middle school about envy, jealousy and ignorant people and like a Dr. Seuss book they can be applied to our adult lives too.

In 1903, Henry Ford incorporated Ford Motor Company which has gone on to be one of the largest and most profitable companies as well as being one to survive the Great Depression. Fast forward to late 2008 when all three of our domestic automobile manufactures were asking Congress for bailout money who took it upon themselves to repair their own financial problem and not ask for a hand out? Ford. Who reported earnings this year? Ford. I’m no analyst but those are facts that cannot be argued with.

That public recognition alone was enough to prove that they do have a solid global business plan that has them venturing into areas that reflect the future of Ford, profits are expected to continue to grow due to a conservative approach of their spending and that they understand the reason why consumers were not purchasing new automobiles during the our countries recession instead pointing fingers elsewhere.

I have been privileged enough to see many Ford model changes over the years with right now in my opinion, their most attractive line up in their history. Ford quality has continuously improved over the last 8 years which has been noticed each time by J.D Power & Associates. In one year alone their score went up 10 points over last year’s study. "Ford brand’s quality continues to improve faster than the overall industry.” Add up all the other awards given and it’s pretty obvious that they have earned their right to say Ford quality is exactly that.

Recent manufacture inventory numbers reflect a higher for Ford then GM. Could it be that GM has a lower inventory for the simple fact that they stopped producing at several plants back in May? Recent drives past local GM dealers reflect low inventory and poor selection. Several new models were launched this year from GM such as the Buick LaCrosse which has only been in production since June and it’s a hot car at the moment for the simple fact it’s new. Add to the overly hyped 2010 Camaro which had only sold a whopping 9,320 in the first half of the year since release verses the Mustang which did get minimal redesign this year but has been continuously in production while GM had no V8 pot to pee in since 2003. According to Rick Roberts at Greenway Ford, their amount of what the industry considers "aged" inventory has drastically been reduced due to positive marketing. Ford can credit their loyal customers as well as newly impressed, first time Ford buyers with their ability to keep their head above the water — which is equivalent to a good handshake in times like these.

So before the media decides to have their daily dose of hater-aid, consider the Ford facts.

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