What if I was to say you could meet up with Zombie-slayers Zoey, Louis, Francis and Bill from the original Left 4 Dead in Left 4 Dead 2? Is that something you’d be interested in?

That very happenstance is occurring next Spring when Valve releases L4D 2’s first batch of downloadable content.

The original killing crew returns!

The original killing crew returns!

The new episode, dubbed “The Passing,”set after the events of “Dead Center,” brings the old slaying crew back to join the new guys in their fight for zombie annihilation.

According to Valve’s press release, the episode is set in a small town in rural Georgia where the L4D1 veterans meet up with the new crowd.

“The Passing” is due out Spring 2010 and a price has yet to be determined.

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  1. mitchel rossiter

    will it be a free update to l4d2 on pc or will will we have to buy it. like the xbox version???

    • Aaron

      Probably buy it because it’s “DLC”

      It’s not “like the xbox version.” DLC is just another word for “Expansion Pack”, only they give you a lot less than what an expansion pack does, and charge you a lot more. =/


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