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NEW YORK — Greenhouse is your cup of tea on a Tuesday night. Blast specifically went to see DJ Jazzy Jeff, but unfortunately he was not able to come. In his place were DJ Stretch Armstrong and DJ IronLyon who both brought the house down with hip-hop and electronic beats that got the crowd moving every which way.

Greenhouse is truly green — It’s a LEED certified, two-floor, 6,000 square foot nightclub and lounge in SoHo.

We always have a blast going to different places and comparing Boston to NYC. Like sports and its rivalry such as the Red Sox and Yankees, you won’t find that at the greenhouse. You’ll find that the crowd is very receptive to new comers. But, we mean, don’t go in their rocking a Sox hat and jersey; you’re only asking for trouble in that respect.

Greenhouse is surrounded by branches of people from NYC. We were welcomed to a crowd that dressed wearing shirts, skirts, ties and shoes to another set of crowds that looked comfortable jeans, goodies, and boots. No matter what they were wearing, everyone was out to just dance and have a good time.

The setting and feel of the place makes you feel like you’re in a jungle. Leaves surrounding the walls and ceilings with lights on the ceilings and walls, which makes it a very unique and unlike any night venue we have visited. They have a downstairs that plays house and techno as well. Also, as an added surprise they had feather girls at least that’s what we call them.

If you are in NYC, especially on a Tuesday, we would absolutely recommend visiting the greenhouse. The night is hosted by the talented Roxy Cottontail who and now is a resident DJ at Greenhouse spinning the newest dance music to a fabulous and eclectic crowd. There’s something for everyone at this venue.

Greenhouse is located at 150 Varick St., and it’s 21+.

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