blast_NYE2010By now you should know about Blast’s partnership with the SYNERGY Timeless New Year’s Eve gala.

We’ve been getting e-mails asking for more information on the event, so here’s an interview with Reaz Hoque, one of the organizers:

BLAST: How did SYNERGY get started? When did it start?

Reaz Hoque: The SYNERGY events started about 3 years ago. I used to do a lot of house parties where I would spin music that you don’t normally hear at regular Boston scenes and my friends would just love it. Soon enough, I started to get to know more people, the house parties started becoming too much to handle and I wanted to do something outside of my house. I also had the idea of combining music with fashion and art and that’s how we started the SYNERGY events.

BLAST: How many people do you draw each year?

RH: We usually have a full house at all our events. At our recent Boston fashion week event, we had 900 people in two nights. And these are all pretty high end crowd, the ones that don’t normally come out every night but when they do, they go all out.

BLAST: There’s a big charity component that goes into the party as well. Can you tell us a little about that?

RH: Charity draws a specific type of folks to our events, the ones that are generous and social conscious. We think of it as, if we can have fun and also help a particular group, why not?

BLAST: What’s the theme of SYNERGY? What will everyone be wearing?

RH: We are a leader in creating themed events. Depending on a particular event, the theme is unique. We have done themes where guests were dressed in all red to 1940s glam which is this year’s theme at the Timeless New Year’s Eve Gala. For our upcoming event, the dress code is formal.

BLAST: What’s the crowd like usually? Who comes to SYNERGY?

RH: Our crowd is mostly upscale young professionals who love to mingle, dance, flirt, and meet new people. They are well traveled, usually speak more than one language and love events we put together that combine much more than a DJ and a venue.

BLAST: What are you most looking forward to about this year’s party?

RH: We are looking forward to refining Boston’s New Year’s Eve scene up a notch. When it comes to NYE in Boston, people just think another club night and to be honest, many clubs don’t really offer as much as they should even though they charge a hefty entrance fee for New Years Eve. We are here to change that. We are looking forward to entertaining our guests with red carpet treatment, photography, amazing visuals, live band, live vocals, 3 DJs, food, gift bags, and more importantly at a very upscale private venue that will be transferred into a gala for the night where guests feel it was worth the ticket price!

See you on New Year’s!

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  1. David

    Good interview. I have seen some of Reaz’s work before, went to Timeless last year at the Calderwood and also saw one of his fashion shows in Boston. He is by far the leader in the Boston scene….pretty good. I dont know if I have met him but his company is well organized and its always a good party…way better to go to a well organized party than some club scene…ESPECIALLY for nye. I plan on going to his NYE party this year if I can get the time off…

    Cool website. Good luck


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