UPDATE: Blizzard posted in the realm status forum the following message:

“We have resolved the issues that came up during maintenance. We are in the process of making all realms playable and we expect this to be complete within the next hour.”

I’m away from my WoW computer at the moment, but if you’ve successfully logged in, please post in the comments, and let us know!

This patch, dubbed the “Fall of the Lich King” will be the final major patch before WoW’s next expansion “Cataclysm” hits next year.


Notable additions to the MMO experience, with the 750MB patch are three brand new five-man dungeons as well as an IceCrown Citadel raid, a new and improved Looking For Group system, and a vastly improved World Map and Quest-tracking game mechanic.

This new Quest-tracking system looks a lot like the highly popular QuestHelper add-on millions have downloaded and enjoyed, which speaks to Blizzard’s manner of taking popular third-party UI add-ons and building them into the actual UI.

Blizzard, you done good with this patch. I’m downloading it as we speak and can’t wait to bask in the new features.

Check out the very, very detailed Patch Notes list here and, fire up WoW and start your download now, as it is a big one.

Patch 3.3 Notes via Kotaku

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  1. Eric

    Hi Eddie,Great article you have here. I must say, I was not expecting the patch to go live today because I haven’t read much about the release date. So I was definitely surprised when I saw it start downloading into my computer. I think I speak for others too when I say this patch has got me so excited!

  2. BeefBravo

    Live? Its 6:00 PM EST and I can’t log on to The Fogotten Coast {again}. Whats even better is that the actual WoW website is down and no forums. Yeah this is a great patch.

    • Josh

      Yea a post somewhere on the status of it would be awesome, but not going to happen. Oh and the entire east coast will have a snow day tomorrow so bring on the lag.

  3. Shawn

    yo… yeah.. got home, downloaded the patch… WoW refuses to log on, repeatedly saying connection failed… anyone have an update…?!?!?

  4. Eddie Makuch

    Hey guys, I updated the original post with Blizz’s response. Don’t know if it’s factual yet, but if you’ve successfully logged in, let us know!


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