Rockstar Games today revealed that the pre-order incentives and exclusives for “Red Dead Redemption” will be determined solely on what consumers want.

The exclusive goodies for the title are three unique in-game outfits and the announcement said fans will vote for what outfitting they’d like to have in the game, marking the first time in the history of pre-order incentives such fan-input has existed.


"We’re privileged to have fans that are just as passionate about our games as we are,” said Alex Moulle-Berteaux, head of marketing for Rockstar Games. “Having fans choose their own pre-order bonus is a unique way to let them be a part of Red Dead Redemption."

The press release did not note where, when, or how you’ll vote, but said you’ll earn the outfit by completing a set of in-game challenges. What’s more, these outfits, whatever they may end up looking like, directly affect how those in the world react to your existence. Nice.

Sadly, Rockstar failed to provide any screenshots of these outfits, but it’s Rockstar, so you never know what you’re gonna get.

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