If you played Mass Effect, the epic and space-themed RPG from BioWare, you know all about elevators, and how it sucks to sit and wait in them.


Sure, a somewhat clever and creative thought on BioWare’s part. Stick us in an elevator, and we’ll forget we’re actually experiencing a loading screen, but really, we knew, and we didn’t like it.

Well, according to BioWare, Mass Effect 2 will keep the elevators, but won’t use them as lengthy load experiences.

"The elevators were made in ME1 so we didn’t have to show boring loading screens," wrote associate programmer Thomas_R_Roy in recent ME2 official message board post. "However there were a lot of complaints, so we’ve gone back to loading screens and movies. We still have elevators in ME2, but you don’t wait inside them. We’ll cut to a loading screen instead."

And what about these loading screens, I thought they were “boring”?

"We’ve tried to make the loading screen more interesting this time by adding interesting visuals and information," the associate programmer added.

Now, it remains to be seen what the interesting visuals and information will be, but we trust you BioWare, just don’t let us down or we might do this to you.

Source: Destructoid

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