If you played Halo 3, or ODST, connected to Xbox Live today, you were prompted with a message from Bungie telling you the Bungie Store is finally, after a long down time, is again open for business, right in time for the Holiday shopping season.


Available in the Shop de Master Chief are all things Halo and Bungie-related.

There’s Tshirts for men, women, and babies. Software including ODST for $50, Halo 3 for $35 and Halo 2 for $20, as well as Soundtracks, various collectibles, and backpacks.

As a huge Bungie and Halo fan I’ve been squirming in my Recon armor for what feels like ages waiting for the day when I could deck myself, my room, and my child oh God no, in these nerdastic items.

Have a look for yourself, maybe someone on your list is a Halo fan too!

The Bungie Store

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