I hope you’ve all recovered enough from Thursday’s food comas that you can crawl over to your Wii or DSi in order to enjoy Nintendo’s latest downloadable titles. This week sees the release of 10 games, so here’s the breakdown:

WiiWare: Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 4, My Zoo,Copter Crisis ,Christmas Clix

DSi Ware: Sudoku Challenge, Bookworm, Master of Illusion Express: Mind Probe, Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes.

Virtual Console: The Combatribes, Solomon’s Key

For fans of the Tales of Monkey Island series, Chapter 4 has been released. Guybrush returns to Flotsam island and is put on trial. With a title like “The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood”, I can only hope the game lives up to it’s intriguing title.

My Zoo is an animal simulation game which makes you an animal breeder. You select several animals out of the 12 provided (four sold separately) and nurture them into adulthood. For those of you who were fans of Tamagachi, this is the same concept, just on your TV and not a key chain.

Copter Crisis allows you to be a member of the elite Helicopter Rescue Squad and it’s up to you to rescue as many people as possible in the various missions. This sounds like it has potential, so it’s probably worth checking out if you like helicopter simulators.

Christmas Clix — the true sign that November is over. Christmas Clix allows you to play with Santa by decorating a Christmas tree by removing the presents and ornaments he stacks. This sounds like a boring holiday game, so unless you’re in a festive mood I’d say skip it.

Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes: A DS game which makes you the hero of your own story. Your appearance is stolen and you have to clear your name by apprehending the Face Stealer. You voice the characters and create the faces using the camera and microphone peripherals.

Bookworm: a word puzzle game which appears to be a new take on Scrabble.

Master of Illusion Express: Mind Probe — the game is meant to use the DS as a way to perform magic tricks. Ask a friend to write down a favorite item and the DS will sound an alarm when that word is spoken. Not so magical.

Sudoku Challenge! : A Sudoku game for fanatics which will probably be the only Sudoku game you will ever need since it comes with 1 million sudoku puzzles. I’m not a fan of Sudoku, but if you know someone who is then this is the game for them.

The Combatribes: As a member of the Combatribes it’s up to you to save the city you live in from the evil gang known as “Guilty Zero”. Can you save New York City?

Solomon’s Key: An action puzzle game which let’s you take control of the Wizard, Dana, who is looking for an item called Solomon’s Key to banish the evil spirits of the world. Use buttons to create and destroy blocks and find keys to pass through locked doors.

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  1. Dos

    More lame releases from Nintendo. They looked like they were off to a good start with the Wii its becoming apparent that its going to be the gamecube part 2.

  2. John Karter

    Christmas Clix is a great game. Having alot of fun with it. My son has been playing it non-stop. I think this game is a must have and it only 10 bucks.


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