We’re living in a broadband, super multimedia, HD video streaming world, and you need network architecture to back that up.

Network attached storage is all the rage now, too. With everyone buying notebooks and netbooks and streaming their Netflix to their Xbox, here are four routers we like that have the most modern security, wireless speed, storage and multimedia features for your 21st century digital life.

netgear_wndr3700_1NETGEAR WNDR3700
Pros: The WNDR3700 balances advanced features like the latest Wi-Fi standards and powerful security options with relative plug-and-play ease for the less technically minded.
Cons: Price may worry some. Quality is an investment.
The final word: It’s the best on the list. Plug it in, configure it, and it will always be there for you.

Pros: The WRT610N is great for advanced users who want to customize their system.
Cons: The price is a concern, and novice users might get confused.
The final word: If this is your first time buying a router, pass.

2450dcfa4cink-01D-LINK DIR-685 STORAGE ROUTER
Pros: The D-Link has onboard storage and doubles as a digital photo frame.
Cons: Price. You’re paying for that digital photo frame.
The final word: It’s a great gadget, if you like gadgets.

belkin-n-wireless-router-p_487773vbBELKIN N+ ROUTER
Pros: The Belkin is easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and powerful, with the ability to add a storage device.
Cons: None.
The final word: This is a fine choice for the 21st century multimedia family.

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