Tiger Woods ran his Escalade into a fire hydrant on Friday, but according to TMZ.com, his facial wounds didn’t come from the accident.

TMZ reported that Woods had a “conversation” with someone in which he said that his wife caused the scratches on his face and the accident. Apparently, his wife confronted him about rumors of an affair. When the argument got heated, she started scratching his face. And when he tried to escape in his car, she followed wielding a golf club and took a few whacks at the SUV. Then, a distracted Woods was trying to see if there was any damage and he hit the hydrant and a tree.

Woods still hasn’t been officially interviewed by police.

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  1. Perry Peck

    OK so he cheats on his wife and family and then gets in a big fight with his wife over it and then crashes his new car into a fire hydrant and tree and passes out and the wife smashes the window with of all things a golf club of his. Now tell me this is not perfect Karma. He even cuts his upper and lower lips, and blood comes out of his mouth like the lies he told his wife. Or his cut lips he kissed his mistress (Rachel Uchitel) with. The Tiger is just a Cub to me now, not much of a man to two time his soul mate. Do we see divorce coming next? For SURE! He will hit another hole in one soon being such a superstar.

  2. Sports

    For years Tiger Woods has been the sporting ideal – the clean-cut golf genius, the family guy, the kind of man you want to take out for a beer… But now in just the space of a week, his image has totally changed. Tiger had a car crash, a mysterious one that he won’t talk about and he uncharacteristically pulled out of his own tournament. This kind of publicity is rare for Tiger, and that’s why we like it.

    Since the accident, sports blogs have been going crazy with comments about Tiger Woods, some negative, most still positive. There were hundreds of comments posted to CNN’s World Sports Blog, some angry and some saying ‘what’s all the fuss?’ This sports blog is one of the top listed in Dozensports.com . In many ways, Tiger’s demise is good for sports blogs. Firstly it gives them something to write about and it creates traffic – in fact, Tiger Woods is now more talked-about online than the war in Afghanistan.


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