Rock Band fanatics rejoice! There are now over 1000 songs available for you to play now. A few months ago, Harmonix Studios announced that by 2010 they would have 1000 songs, and now they’ve done it!

The game series, available on the 360, PS3, and Wii, has music of more than 390 bands which provides the best selection of interactive musical content.

In addition to Rock Band and Rock Band 2’s content catalog, there’s additional content in the form of weekly downloads and LEGO Rock Band. The weekly downloadable content is now in its 105th consecutive week which is incredibly impressive.

Soon Rock Band fans will be able to make some of their own content via Rock Band Network. Rock Band Network, a new suite of tools that wil allow bands and labels of all shapes and sizes to turn their own songs into downloadable, playable Rock Band tracks available for sale. This will cement Rock Band as the leading game with downloadable content for music-based videogame content.

For a complete list of the 1,000 songs visit their website!

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