Clothing retailer Old Navy and Rock Band publisher MTV Games today announced a unique partnership primed and ready to bring in-store kiosks, special promotions, and Rock Band merch to Old Navy stores nationwide during the Holiday 2009 shopping season.

Select Old Navy stores will open their doors on Thanksgiving to commence what the company calls its “Gobblepalooza” promotion, which lasts three-days, with varying deals peppered throughout.

On Thanksgiving day, if you haven’t become incapacitated with all the turkey you ate, and decide you want to do some shopping, Old Navy is offering a free Rock Band guitar with the purchase of Rock Band 2. Yupp, Old Navy will carry the full line of Rock Band software this season including branded t-shirts, Rock Band 2, The Beatles: Rock Band, LEGO: Rock Band, and Rock Band Classic Rock Track Pack.

On Black Friday, besides $15 jeans (!), Old Navy is giving anyone who purchases only $20 worth of Old Navy items, a free copy of LEGO: Rock Band on their preferred system.

That’s kind of amazing, but, as we suspected, Old Navy noted in their press release that supply is “extremely limited,” so you might just have to punch a grandmother in the chest to secure your copy. Can you do that?

Additionally, Old Navy will set up Rock Band gaming kiosks in over 700 stores nationwide, you know, so you can relax from all that shopping.

And finally, in the month of December, on the two Wednesdays leading up to Christmas, Dec. 9 and 16, any shopper who spends $25 or more will score a free code to download a song from the Rock Band Music Store.

"Rock Band offers families a wonderful activity to enjoy together and we’re excited to bring that experience to life in Old Navy stores this Holiday season," said Christina Glorioso, Vice President of Marketing Sponsorships for MTV Games. "This will make shopping for the Holidays fun for everyone and give moms a great activity to keep kids (and dads) entertained."

Congratulations Old Navy, you’ve preemptively lured me into your store!

What about you guys? Anyone planning on shopping at Old Navy this season now that you know about the gaming tie-in?

Full details on the entire Old Navy + Rock Band promotion here.

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