Ah, the spoils of Thanksgiving. Food, drink, and friends. These are all things we love about Thanksgiving, but what about in the World of Warcaft, in Azeroth? Why should our WoW characters miss out on the annual feast? Beginning this year, they won’t!

Blizzard announced today the “Pilgrim’s Bounty” event happening in the land of Azeroth.

Running from Nov. 22 through Nov. 28, gamers can partake in Pilgrim’s Bounty feasts at major towns by sitting at a Bountiful Table and enjoying the delectable delights found there.

These Bountiful Tables are loaded with food and surrounded by interactive chairs used to consume and share food with friends.

Every chair at the table has an unlimited amount of food and are specifically labeled.


The Sweet Potato Chair, The Turkey Chair, The Stuffing Chair, The Cranberry Chair, and The Pie Chair.

Additionally, if you consume five helpings of a certain food you’ll gain bonuses specific to that food and best of all, if you eat five servings of every food, you’ll earn the Spirit of Sharing, which lasts one hour and increases reputation gained by 10%. Woo hoo!

There’s also cooking quests, special items, and achievements to unlock by joining in the Turkey-Day merriment. Have a look, and be sure to check out the official Pilgrim’s Feast page for more information.



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