Microsoft’s Halo studio, 343, recently released the first episode in the Halo: Legends anime series, but today the company gushed details on the second episode, exclusively available on Xbox Live tomorrow, Nov. 21.

That’s right, the second showing, “The Duel,” will come to Xbox Live’s Halo Waypoint tomorrow, and will be available for all to view, but only for 24 hours, at which point the episode will sadly disappear.

Here’s the synopsis, as told by 343:

"The Duel" takes place thousands of years in the past at the dawn of the Covenant. The story follows a shamed Elite who defies his role as an Arbiter to take a path of revenge against those that stole the only thing that mattered to him. This ancient Arbiter must fight his way through ever-growing groups of former allies (Grunts, Elites, Hunters and more) until he finally stands face-to-face with the Elite who betrayed him.”

Sounds like drama only comparable to high school! I’m ready, are you?

And as a reminder, the Halo Waypoint, where the Legends films will be shown, is available for both Gold and Silver members right now, but after this weekend, Silver subscribers get the boot, sorry.

For you collectors, the Halo: Legends series will come, in its entirety, to DVD and Blu-Ray, in Feb. 2010.

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