This week on Modern Family: guest stars, bad 80s songs, and Yoko Ono jokes. Cam and Mitchell feel like they haven’t spent enough time in the adult world lately as they’ve been too preoccupied taking care of baby Lily. To rectify this situation, they call their best friend Sal to hang out. Enter the lovely Elizabeth Banks as the sloppy, single white girl. The reunion of friends seems to be going well until Sal gets a couple drinks in her and starts making death threats on baby Lily’s life every time she’s mentioned. Sal is definitely a character that could make future appearances in the show, so perhaps we will see more of Banks in the future.

And since there’s no threaded storyline that continues each week, Modern Family is the type of show that you can just jump in to and not be too concerned with a convoluted plot. They keep it funny and simple.

The other guest star this week was Edward Norton as the bass player from Spandau Ballet. When Claire is in a tight spot trying to find an anniversary present for Phil, she has what she thinks is a brilliant idea. She invites Norton’s character to the house as a surprise for Phil, wrongly thinking Spandau Ballet is his favorite group. Phil has never heard anything by the band, which makes for some awkward moments between Norton and Phil when the washed up rocker realizes Phil is not a "fandau".

However, the star of the show to me is always Manny. That chubby little Colombian kid gives the best facial expressions. In a somewhat creepy plotline, Manny has developed a crush on Claire’s eldest daughter Hailey. Hailey is technically Manny’s niece by marriage, even though she is older than him. The whacky age difference, the fact that he is a chubby Latino kid and the glare he gives Hailey’s boyfriend over a tiny espresso cup, takes away from the creepiness factor.

Modern Family airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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