News travels fast, but in case you haven’t already heard, Johnny Depp was named “sexiest man alive” by People magazine for the second time.

People descibed the 46-year-old (I know, wow) actor as “the king of cool with killer cheekbones.”

Depp last won the honor in 2003, and this year, he joins the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney in winning twice. After Depp, the rest of the top five are Ryan Reynolds at number two, Jake Gyllanhaal at number three, Bradley Cooper at number four, and Robert Downey Jr. at number five.

Rabid Twilight fans might be disappointed to know that Robert Pattinson ranked 15th, but the rest of us will wonder how he ranked so high.

Pick up People magazine to check out the full list.

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  1. Carlee Yosko

    I think Johnny Depp was good at every movie I’ve seen of him i think he was good at sweeny todd that was a great movie of my life o yeah he was the most excellen at pirates of the Caribbean too people of Hollywood lookout for your new moviestar


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