Capcom today announced two different ways to enjoy Chris Redfield and Resident Evil 5 in 2010; either through my magic of the Internet, or in a plain old retail box.


That pistol is SO huge

That’s right, beginning in 2010, gamers can purchase (for a to-be named price) downloadable content for the game, which includes new outfits, two new episodes, and a new "THE MERCENARIES REUNION" mode, featuring 8 new playable characters and weapon load outs.

But if you feel downloading all that would put too much stress on your fingers, Capcom is also releasing all the DLC and the game itself by the name of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition at retail, in a box, like you like it.

The Gold Edition will run you $49.99 and on PS3 will come on one Blu-Ray disc and 1 DVD and download token for Xbox 360 fans.

The downloadable content hits first, in February, and the Gold Edition lands in March. We’ll make sure to keep our beady little eyes on this developing story as it…develops.

Source: Unity Blog

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