Those of you with an itch for nostalgia might want to pay attention, as Atlus has released a trailer for the upcoming 3D Dot Game Heroes–and this time we can actually read the language it’s in!

This is very clearly a tribute to Zelda by From Software, the company that brought us what is potentially 2009’s best RPG in Demon’s Souls. Sure, there are other titles that this game is pulling from, but even the imagery in this trailer reeks of Zelda–I’m not complaining though, because if you’re going to find your inspiration in gaming’s past, you may as aim as high as you can.

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  1. Your Mom

    Does anyone else have a problem paying $39.99 for a PSN game??? $10, and MAYBE I’ll buy it. Take off your rosy glasses Atlus fans…this game looks like a 3 at best.


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