Telltale Games today teased the final Tales of Monkey Island episode and revealed just what moment in time gamers can learn the fate of Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate.

“Rise of the Pirate God”, the fifth and final episode in the Tales of Monkey Island series hits Dec. 8, but nothing can prepare us for the drama that will unfold in this final chapter.

Where are we in the story? Guybrush, the game’s main character is believed to be dead after the events of chapter 4, but really, he’s gotta pull a Jack Sparrow and live to swashbuckle another day, right?

“He wanted what every young man wants – to loot, pillage, and sail the high seas in search of further looting and pillaging opportunities,” said Dave Grossman, veteran Monkey Island game designer and writer. “It’s a great tragedy to see such a productive life seemingly cut off prematurely. And I’m not just saying that because he owes me money.”

In honor of Threepwood’s life death who knows, Telltale made each  preceding episode available as singular download at $8.95 instead of the normative package deal of $34.95 for all five.

Hop on over to the Tales of Monkey Island official page for lots more.

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