Take one part Resident Evil and add it to Lost Planet 2 and what do you get? Well, besides a Capcom clusterf*ck, what you get is Albert Wesker, playable in Lost Planet 2.

It’s simple. Pre-order Lost Planet 2 at any North American GameStop location and you’ll earn a code to download the skin of Resident Evil’s iconic character, Albert Wesker.

Not good enough? For slapping $5 into the hands of a GameStop employee for the reserve, you’ll also score yourself Wesker’s firearm, his revolver, which we can only expect will come in handy somewhere down the line.

Lost Planet comes to Xbox 360 and PS3 February, 23, 2010.






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  1. Jay Denovonny

    Ahhh shnap! This gone b da teh bomb yo…only thang doe, you notice how like every game now got excluesiv gamin content wit da preordors now?! dam righ strait craze ya know shit can’t wait to grab me dis shit wehn it releazes


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