Unless I’m living in a parallel universe where today is Nov. 17 only for me, the long-awaited Xbox 360 Fall Update has hit, bringing Facebook, Twitter, and Last.fm to the Xbox Live masses.

The update, which popped up in the wee hours of this the November the 17th, has been available for those in the Preview Program for weeks now, but having entered my information incorrectly, I missed out on the pre-release fun.

However, now that the update’s gone live for one and all, there’s no excuse not to jump in on the new available social avenues from the seat of your pants on your Xbox 360.

Facebook, Twitter, and Last.fm integration works pretty simply. You quickly enter your credentials from each of the three social-networking sites and within seconds you’re up and running, stalking friends, listening to music, and writing 140 character snippets of your life for all to enjoy.

A cautionary note: Using all three services demands typing, and as you know, the Xbox 360 controller is a b*tch to type with. Thankfully, USB keyboards (as well as the standard issue Messenger Pad), work just fine.

Right now? I’m enjoying listening to varied tunes streamed for me via Last.fm as I type this. Very, very nice!

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