It’s putting the key in the ignition after the day hasn’t gone as planned. It’s the urge that overcomes you to go somewhere other than where you are. It’s those cool Sunday afternoons that beg you to open the windows so your hair can blow in the wind. It’s the longest way down winding roads and interstate on-ramps with tight curves that have your car hugging the road while you sit back in your seat. It’s the thrill of merging quickly into rush hour traffic then slicing through it like a hot knife in butter and glancing in your rear view mirror at those left in your wake. It’s to your favorite music at the moment thumping through the speakers while rowing effortlessly through the gears. It’s to pressing down the gas pedal and watching the speedometer creep over the limit as your worries temporarily disappear. It’s one of my favorite ways to clear my head after all these years, it’s driving.

The Diva had her first and only speeding ticket 11 years ago and does not condone (excessive) speeding.

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