Dream Theater, a technically mind-blowing metal band, known to gamers as the dudes that provide the songs that break your fingers in Rock Band, recently announced they’re providing sonorous delight to the world of Sony’s God of War III, alongside fellow rockers Trivium.

Drummer Mike Portnoy made the announcement on the band’s official blog, saying “we will then enter the studio right after New Year’s to write and record a brand new instrumental track for inclusion on the upcoming Gods Of War 3 soundtrack.”

What about Trivium? A tune, not not found on any of their albums, will make its way into the game as a true exclusive. Oh yes, we’re very excited. Marc and I are big metal fans, and based on our adoration of the metal-inspired Brutal Legend, which we both loved, God of War 3, with its now rearing metal face, looks to whet our metal appetite just nicely.

What about you? Do you like the metal genre of music in your fantasy/killing/adventure games?

Source: Joystiq

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