Hey, want to hear three ridiculous stories?


Russian police recently arrested three homeless guys suspected of killing a man, eating part of his body, then selling the rest of the meat to a kebab vendor, BBC reports.

According to police, it is unclear when the incident occurred however the three men have been charged with murder. They are being held in Perm, about 870 miles east of Moscow.

The men attacked and killed the victim with hammers and knives. They then ate pieces of his body and sold the rest to a shop that sells kebabs and pies, a statement by the three men claims.

BBC reports it’s unclear whether any customers were served the human meat.

Meanwhile back in America…

A 25-year-old woman from Texas faked breast cancer just to get her breasts enlarged.

Trista Joy Lathern successfully fooled her husband and community by shaving her head to fake chemotherapy. She then hosted a fundraiser in which 100 people donated almost $10,000.

Lathern took the 10 grand and bought a brand new pair of $6,800 double D’s.

Apparently she needed them to save her seven-month old marriage.

On a related note…

Need a pick-me-up before a date? Two chefs in Columbia recently invented a dessert that combines passionfruit with an active ingredient found in….Viagra.

The pudding-like dessert, Canoe reports, is topped with whipped cream and chocolate and served in a parfait glass. One of the creators said they invented the dish in an effort to reinvent Viagra as a new kind of aphrodisiac, according to Canoe.

Of course, they can’t sell the dessert since Viagra is a prescription drug, but it doesn’t stop those in need from making it in their own homes. Or you can just pop the pill.

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