Update: Sorry guys, there was a miscommunication on our PR end. Turns out the game isn’t free. There’s a good discount though. You can get the game for the price of a dollar (so almost free). Still, the game’s good so check it out! Original content below.

Alright guys, you have until midnight to cash in on this, so here are all the details:

Dark Harvest, the highly addictive iTunes game, is a level clearing game with an objective: collect evil plants. Why do you need evil plants? Why, for your evil garden of course. If you can fill up all 30 vegetables you’re the winner.

The game has two modes: Quickplay and Adventure mode. You shoot chemical orbs into a cloud (easy, aim and shoot game). The orbs you shoot can stick to each other upon contact and when three or more orbs of the same color get stuck together and burst rain falls! If you don’t match the orbs fast enough, other balls will fill the screen and end the game. If you beat the required number of matchs, you get an evil vegetable to grow.

It’s a highly addictive game, so I suggest you get your free copy on iTunes before midnight so you can join the rest of us Dark Harvest players. The offer is only good today, Friday the 13th (of November). Come on. Everyone’s doing it (peer pressure).

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