Atlus today launched the Demon’s Souls Strategy Guide replacement program, granting purchasers of the Deluxe Edition who received busted strategy guides, the opportunity to snag a new copy of the book, on the house.

Atlus PR issued a statement today, and in true Atlus fashion, it’s highlighted by a smidge of hilarity.

“While it seems that not every copy of the guide is affected, and the cause of the cover ink fading remains unclear, we suspect a few Atlus staff of taking in too much of that new-game smell and over-inhaling the guides,” said Crystal Murray, Public Relations Specialist at Atlus. “We appreciate the tremendous support Demon’s Souls has received and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused,” she added.

Head on over to the official replacement page for detailed instructions on how to get yourself a new strategy guide, but act (sorta) soon, as the offer expires Dec. 31.

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