According to British gaming site MCV, Microsoft’s motion control gaming technology, Project Natal, will release Nov. 2010, and will have 14 titles available on day one.

These hot details apparently stem from developer visits to Microsoft headquarters, but we can’t imagine the phrase “Releasing Nov. 2010 with 14 day-one launch titles!” was plastered on the walls of Microsoft, leading us to believe some developers have loose lips!


What’s more, the source says that 5 million Natal cameras will be available on day one between standalone units and Natal/360 bundles.

Additionally, pricing details leaked as well and note that Natal cameras will sell for about $80, but might even drop to $50 to make the add-on an impulse-driven purchase.

Me? I haven’t seen nearly enough whatsoever to warrant spending even a penny on Natal technology, but Microsoft still has a year to prove to me, and you, that our money should become theirs.

Source: Kotaku

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