Conservative poster girl Carrie Prejean’s 15 minutes are up, despite the best efforts of what I’m sure are a slew of well-paid publicists and marketers.

Little Miss Values, 22, ousted from the Miss USA pageant after coming out against gay marriage, has penned a book called “Still Standing,” which has been a flop so far. Even the well-timed “scandalous” and “malicious” release of a Prejean sex tape that reportedly shows the fallen blonde beauty queen pleasuring herself hasn’t spurred her publicity.

You can’t market Carrie Prejean — not unless you get her, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and 9 other women together with bearskin rugs and rifles, and make a calendar.

She claimed that she made the tape for a boyfriend — because she was in a proper male-female relationship and “cared about” the guy the tape was “for.”

Prejean also went on Sean Hannity, because if anyone’s going to defend her, it’s Fox News.

Let’s be clear: This tape is no accident, and the topless photo of Prejean (right) was no accident either.

But there was plenty of backfire. The sex tape ruined Prejean’s lawsuit against Miss USA, and it’s not helping her book sales.

You can’t shine shit. No matter how hard you, uh, rub.

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