Funcom wants your business, and they want it hard, no mercy.

Today the company announced that anyone returning gamer who wishes to play  the MMORPG can do so for 2 weeks at no charge while earning double experience throughout.

What’s more, should you decide you indeed want to return and purchase a 90-days worth of playtime, you’ll earn beta access to Funcom’s upcoming title, The Secret World.

As if that wern’t enough, anyone who purchases a six month subscription can enjoy everything already said plus a 10% experience boosting helmet and Age of Conan’s impending expansion “Rise of the Godslayer” at no additional cost. Nice.

I really, really, wish I had time for MMOs, especially this one, as I’ve heard wonderful, wonderful things about it.

For all this and more, check out Age of Conan’s (recently re-worked) Web site, right over here.

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