“Long ago, the era of peace was shattered in a terrible war between rivaling nations, leaving the land of Antaloor broken and changed. The race of Orphans swore eternal service to the four elements and their deities – Maliel, the Goddess of Air; Throglyn, God of the Earth; Yatholen, God of Water; and Aziraal, God of Fire. Dark magic also grew in power over the centuries in secret, until it emerged from the shadows to seize control…”

This sets up the premise for Two Worlds II. The Dark Lord Gandohar is planning to become a God by disrupting the balance of the elements. The game promises to captivate players as they journey through Antaloor. “Two Worlds II” gives players the chance to explore Antaloor’s past and insight into the fate of a long-forgotten dynasty. To promote the game, the publisher has made a new teaser site which has more information on the game and an Ingame Story Teaser Video. Check it out!

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