Ijji.com, the premiere site for free to play games, has updated their logo from the circular orange to a sleek new silver logo. The change in logo may not seem like a major change, but it’s a sign that the times are a’ changin’ over at ijji.com. They’ve been pumping out alot of high quality free-to-play games lately, and this new logo is very nice fit for the intense, non-stop action that I’ve come to associate with ijji.com’s games. If you want to learn more, check out ijji’s website since it is loaded full of awesome games which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Here’s the logo below: let us know what you think!


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David is sophomore at Boston College. He writes for the video game section and loves movies, television and music too.

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  1. carry

    i have been with ijji for over 4 years till other day when rounders was taken off. was not much notice and was very disapointed and sad to see it gone your was the best place for poker best graphics to bad you couldnt have kept it sadend carry bye


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