This week on the Vampire Diaries: witchcraft, relationship drama, and a vampire staking. For those that tuned in last week, remember that vampire Vicki is no more, and now the rest of the small town of Mystic Falls is coping with her disappearance. Meanwhile, an old female friend of Stefan’s comes calling for his birthday.

The Vampire Diaries
Episode 1-8: “162 Candles”
Aired: 11/5/00

All the stress of this situation, and the horror of vampires existing in general, has left Elena feeling confused and sullen. What makes Elena so likeable as our heroine, is her conflicting and complex feelings on this whole new world. Unlike a certain other vampire saga heroine (Bella, okay, it’s Bella), Elena doesn’t immediately accept Stefan as the personification of a mythical creature. She doesn’t leap into his arms and confess, “Oh you’re a vampire? That’s totally fine because obviously we have romantic interest in one another and absolutely nothing is going to come between that.” Her hesitancy is refreshing and very human. It’s easy to identify with the isolation she feels by carrying the burden of Stefan’s secret and not being able to talk to anyone about it.

Two sub-plots that have been playing out in the last few episodes have done a great job in moving the story along. One involves the key townspeople (the sheriff, the mayor) being in on the vampire secret. They are aware of the existence of vampires in the town, but they don’t know that Damon and Stefan are the ones they are hunting for. They also have the knowledge of how to fight the undead. In another awesome plot twist (seriously, they get me every week) Damon manipulates the “informed” townspeople to his advantage.

The other storyline that I’m glad is finally getting more attention, deals with Elena’s best friend Bonnie. Bonnie is a descendant of Salem witches and discovered a few episodes ago that she does have the power to practice witchcraft. Judging by next week’s episode preview, this particular plot-line will finally be developed more.

“The Vampire Diaries” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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