Activision today announced the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 downloadable content and a demo for the superhero action game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The DLC lets players experience the superhero civil war in an entirely new way with five brand new playable characters Carnage, Psylocke, Magneto, and Black Panther.

Additionally, according to the press-release issued this morning, Activision packed four new challenge missions, new boss encounters, dangerous gauntlets and more into the downloadable content.

The DLC will run you 800 MS Points on Xbox Live and $9.99 over the PlayStation Network, but don’t worry, they’re equivalent amounts.

What’s more, a demo for the game, which allows gamers access to the Washington D.C. mission where they can play as the pro-registration or anti-registration team, released today. Sadly, the demo is for Xbox Live gamers only.

And if all this is still not enough for you, Activision released the Juggernaut character today, and is available as a separate purchase for $1.99 over the PSN and 160 MS Points on Xbox Live.

Oddly, all the DLC will only be available through Dec. 31, so reach into your digital wallets today to join in the superhero madness!

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