A slew of alleged Halo: Reach screens hit the Internet today, and leave us wondering; photoshop, or the real deal?

The screens were posted in the Major League Gaming forums today from someone claiming to have played the game. Also, the tipster revealed new gameplay details including a new HUD with squadmates’ names and health status, a Carbine that shoots needles, a Battle Rifle with only 12 rounds, and a perk system, which includes sprinting, cloaking, and halogram.

Now, this is all speculation at the moment, so take this information and these screens with a many grains of salt. But, when we all purchased Halo 3: ODST we were indeed promised beta access to Reach, so these could be images from said beta.

Click each image to make big and tantalizingly vague. Let us know what you think!

Source: IGN

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  1. Person

    Hah, did they close the thread? I can’t seem to access it anymore. It had like 48 pages. Hmm, also, someone on those forums said they posted the images on Bungie forums – the topic was instantly deleted and they were banned, lol.

    If they’re trying to suppress these images, then that MUST mean they’re legit.


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