“V” is a hit. There’s no doubt. As far as science fiction on network television goes, it’s primed to be the most successful one we’ve seen, maybe ever.

Therefore, in good network television form, ABC is doing everything it can to totally screw it up.

According to ABC, 14.3 million people watched Tuesday’s series premiere of “V,” which challenged CBS and the current No. 1 show in America, “NCIS” in the Tuesday night ratings battle. In fact, “V” had the best debut of the 2009-10 fall television season.

It’s all gravy so far.

But ABC has decided only to air four episodes this fall. It will hold the remaining episodes for March — March — until after the NBC Winter Olympics coverage. Also, news came recently that the producers, who made “V” the ratings and popular success it is, are departing the show. “Chuck” executive producer Scott Rosenbaum will join the series as executive producer and showrunner, to pick up production, which was halted for what ABC called a “creative hiatus.”

ABC only filmed the fourth episode of “V” a few weeks ago, and the show will not go back into production — they won’t film the rest of the episodes — until January.

I have no explanation for any of this. Usually if a show debuts with the best ratings of the season you leave it alone and let the magic happen. This move reeks of no uncertain lack of confidence on ABC’s part.

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  1. 4rc

    You want to know why ABC is doing this? V was TOO anti-obama, they wanted to make sure the later scripts aren’t as anti-obama

  2. David Smail

    Actually, they’re doing it because it was originally announced as a miniseries. They didn’t (initially) intend for it to be a full blown series. Elizabeth Mitchell was initially cast in a guest star role (as announced to quell the fear that she would be killed off of LOST). So they’re running the first 4 episodes and testing the water. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first 4 are a more self contained arc. Plus the first episode had 8 episodes worth of crazy development.

  3. Fred

    Anti- Obama…try anti facist…
    This show a few, wait a while show some more has been seen before…It was Fox killing one of the best Sci-Fi shows of its time…Firefly…

  4. Jack

    First, ABC did not commit to a series. Second, early in the production process it became clear the showrunners were at odds with each other and the studio. This was a personality issue. So, WB knew they had a loyal guy who was a proven writer in Rosenbaum and so they locked him up for the next few years and gave him V.

  5. Industry Rat

    Real reason is writers sucked and kept screwing things up.
    New writers being hired for new eps. Nothing to do with ABC or Obama

  6. John G

    I enjoyed it, I was in highschool when the 1st series aired and they managed to do good job tying in the 1st series, jokes about ID4 and other sci fi and of course you can’t beat Universal Health Care..

    Like the above comment said it was intended as a mini-series, but unfortunately American Television does not treat SCI-FI with much affection look at Space Above and Beyond, Defying Gravity and others.

    I am not a big fan of Lost, not that it is not a good series, but for travel I prefer the guy in the blue box.


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