With the release of Modern Warfare 2 pegged at less than one week away, we’re ready to call this new video the “launch trailer” for the game, even if it’s not officially dubbed it.

The new trailer seemingly shows off every last bit of frenzied mayhem gamers will experience in next week’s shooter.

From underwater, to desert, to snow, to even outer space, Infinity Ward’s “Modern Warfare 2” has it covered.

Have a look, and grab a copy of the game for yourself Nov. 10 at retail everywhere. And yeah, that’s Eminem and Nate Dogg you hear.

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  1. SDsc_rch

    and hey! what’s the deal w/ posting a video on the website and then we click on it and get “this video has been removed by the user”

    wanna know what’s lame?? THAT”S lame!!

  2. Tristan

    Is that the ISS blowing up at 0:58? If it is, this storyline is way bigger than I ever imagined it would be.


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