Between watching Game 5 of the series, I caught a few Barrett-Jackson Super Saturday highlights.

1956 Ford Thunderbird VIN #5 — first released to public sold for $600,000

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda so clean you could eat off the under carriage of the car $125,000

1996 Buick Custom with a Stage 1 that runs in the 13’s- $475,000

Which got me thinking about past car related things that made me throw up a little in my mouth.

2003 Enzo Ferrari requires Shell Helix10W-60 synthetic oil, which costs around $60 a quart making $700 oil change.

A brake job for an Aston Martin 17, brake pads and rotors, $27,000

But my all time favorite is the cost of the first scheduled service on a Bugatti Veyron at a whopping $22,322, with the price going up each time thereafter. Tires need to be replaced approximately every 2,500 miles for $10,347 a set, and oh by the way, they can only be fitted by Bugatti.

I get upset over the fact my car requires premium gas and the idea of forking out the money to replace low profile tires sooner than expected due to the ridiculous miles I seem to be putting on my car (because I live in fucking nowhere!) makes me want to cry because it takes money out of my shoe allowance and that my friends is a scary thought. Granted, I’ve never once bought tires for a car because by that time I just trade it in. That’s not the point.

At what point is spending money on a car as an enthusiast is too much? At what point is the required maintenance over time ridiculous? Oh I forgot that if I had the money to buy any of those cars then I probably wouldn’t give a shit how much it cost. Silly me!

Not to say if I could own whatever I wanted that I still wouldn’t flinch just a little when it came time to pay those bills.

Just a little.

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