Sony Online Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast came together today and announced Magic: The Gathering Tactics.


An online, 3D, turn-based title, “Tactics” will make good use of the strategy skills you’ve amassed in your storied Magic multiverse history.

“The growing Magic: The Gathering community has an insatiable desire for great strategic game experiences.  Sony Online Entertainment is the perfect partner to transform the best of Magic’s story, strategy and competitive play into a fantastic ‘Tactics’ game experience for current and new Magic fans,” said Greg Leeds, president, Wizards of the Coast.

Tactics will allow gamers to enjoy a robust single-player experience, PVP action 24 hours a day online, and, according to the press release will also feature “regular content expansions, a robust tournament environment, an achievement and rankings program, and original stories of the Planeswalkers of Magic: The Gathering.”

Magic: The Gathering Tactics is scheduled for an early 2010 release for PS3 and PC. No mention of price was made, but stick to Blast for continued coverage.

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