Proceed with caution. The following is a rumored list of the multiplayer perks of next week’s Modern Warfare 2. You definitely want to see them, but just understand they’re not official by any stretch of the imagination.

The list comes from an unofficial Modern Warfare 2 blog, MW2blog, and Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward community manager Tweeted “Can’t confirm nor deny any leaks for #MW2. Official stance is to just wait and discover the awesome yourself on November 10th.”

So, to me, that sounds like this a genuine list, but of course, we won’t know for sure until next Tuesday!

Marathon (Tier 1)
Standard: Unlimited Sprint
Pro: Get over obstacles faster

Sleight of Hand (Tier 1)
Standard: Faster reload
Pro: Aim down sights faster

Scavenger (Tier 1)
Standard: Retrieve ammo from dead bodies

Bling (Tier 1)
Standard: Dual attachments on primary weapon
Pro: Dual attachments on secondary weapon

One Man Army (Tier 1)
Standard: Use primary weapon in secondary slot

Stopping Power (Tier 2)
Standard: Increased bullet damage
Pro: Increased bullet damage to vehicles

Lightweight (Tier 2)
Standard: Move faster

Hardline (Tier 2)
Standard: Killstreaks rewards require 1 less kill
Pro: Deathstreaks require 1 less death

Cold Blooded (Tier 2)
Standard: Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal

Danger Close (Tier 2)
Standard: Increases explosive weapons damage

Commando (Tier 3)
Standard: Increased melee distance

Increased melee speed Steady Aim (Tier 3)
Standard: Increased hip-fire accuracy

Scrambler (Tier 3)
Standard: Jams enemy radar

Ninja (Tier 3)
Standard: Invisible to heartbeat sensors
Pro: Move silently

SitRep (Tier 3)
Standard: Insertions. Reveals enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions

Last Stand (Tier 3)
Standard: Survive after being killed for 10 second, pistol equipt. You can crawl too

Source: MW2Blog via Kotaku

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    • 360toshisdumb

      your retarded tosh if we had two perks for each tier what would be the point of having them at all ur stupid thats the most terrible idea i have ever heard. radar would for sure be useless considering you would be invisible without having to give up your stopping power and there are some many many other reasons why that is a terrible idea and not even a question to ask yourself because obviously its not gonna happen if they want to ruin the game they listen to people as stupid as you are you moron.

      • 360toshisdumb's mom

        perks in the first place ruined the game, if the perks weren’t ever there, then CoD 4 would have been perfect, honestly, perks ruin the gameplay

      • 360toshisdumb's mom's abusive husband

        You’re fucking stupid.
        perks made the game different from everything else.. if there were no perks then how would cod4 be different from the hundreds of other fps games out there.
        clearly you’re a cod3 or halo player who gets a cock rammed in his ass whenever he tries multiplayer in cod4.
        shut your mouth and know your role.

      • 360toshisdumb's mom's pimp daddy

        your even fucking stupider, it would have been different cuz of the gameplay mechanics, the perks were hardly what made the series different. And yeah, the game would be a ton better without some of the perks, but not all

  1. 360toshishuman

    your not a tard tosh. If i got all the perks, I would be a god! It would be like, so cool.

  2. 360toshishuman'sevilside

    i take that back…you are a tard…if everyone was a god and you came up with the idea that means everyone would be like you….ah…ill kill myself…. that is if a god can do that.

  3. 360toshishuman

    Hey 360tosh, if we played together, I could have get one set of perks and you could get the other set of perks and then we could kick A## on 360toshisdumb. We could be like BFF’s. Whats our gamertag?

  4. 360toshishuman

    Hey tosh, we will kick 360toshishuman’sevilside ass also. He is not me. I do not have an evil side. Hey 360toshishuman’sevilside, stp picking on the tosh man, he is going to be my BFF.

  5. 360toshishuman'sevilside

    sometimes i wish i controlled all my thoughts and actions….if i could see my other side i would kick my own a@@!!!

  6. 360toshishuman

    You got some serious issues 360toshishuman’sevilside. want to be my BFF. You could like get one set of perks and I could get the other set and we could play together, really close together and be like unbeatable because we got like all the perks. Whats your gamer tag 360toshishuman’sevilsid.

  7. 360toshishuman'sevilside

    if you dont know what my gamer tag is then you are a moron too

  8. 135moreno

    This guy Tosh is a fukin r-tard…..y would u wanna talk to urself man…well chat 2 urself…..just get a fukin AIM or MSN account n chat to othersss…JESUS CHRIST 🙂

  9. 360toshishuman'sevilside'sevilside

    Well guess what, I will be your bff if he is your bff, and I will use all the tier 3 perks, you can have the tier 2 perks, and he can use the tier 1 perks. That way, we are unstoppable. Don’t listen to 360toshishuman’sevilside, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. In fact, he’s not even evil enough! That’s why HE has an evil side.

  10. 360toshisNOThumanbutGAY

    i agree being toshi is like being gay…. watch youtube look for “toshi, you’re so good”

  11. revolted

    multiplayer for modern war 2

    After a few days playing it I was apalled at how they ruined it by pandering to fantasy players

    Movements too fast (players zip about at 5x any possible real speed of a human)

    Too accurate (particularly snap firing of scope weapons – worse even when moving )

    Knife attacks that happen in 1/8 of a second (and with the knifer running) there is no 2 sided melee fighing just way to fast ambush.

    This leads to to easy long range attacks that make you have to move slow to find a target (or get sniped sticking your head out by a camper) and while you move slow thru cover some clown runs up behind you or even at you and has killed you with a knife before you can turn/aim a gun — you cannot have any flanks that you are sure of as an enemy can be there on the circular paths waytoo fast (no peripheral vision of course makes it worse).

    It was bad enough that people can run and you dont have time to aim before they are gone.

    Its turned the whole thing into an dumb ambush game throwing out any reality.

    Perks that you get with levels later enable gimmicky vehicles (that shoot down at players in the open or drop bombs on them) that similarly destroy any concerted/careful action/tactics. Most games Ive played had 50%-75% players with topped out levels (70) and the gimmicky vehicles seem to be up there every other minute (and with aiming system that a chimp could use)

    All in all its pure fantasy with deaths extremely frequent and any game reduced to running around shooting anything in fromt of you before you die from someone doing the same to you.

    Add ontop of that , all the cheaters (havent the dim developers yet have figured out to stop the hacks?? Theyve only had 15 years ??)

    I thought I would play more to see how stupid it gets (burned to lev 18 in just a few days — so I can see how chimps could get to 70). But now I look at it see one of the above stupidities they allowed happen and more often then not just turn it off as too stupid to bother playing.

    Allegedly they are going to start charging people to play this multiplayer rot and think that many people wont which will leave most lobbys largely empty and with not enough players it will be a bust (and the retard developers will desrev it).


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