At a press event in Tokyo today, Japanese video game-maker Nintendo announced the DSi XL, a significantly larger version of the already existent DSi.

It’s officially called the LL DSi, but LL translates to XL in English, and will have a pair of 4.2 inch screens, will sell for 20,000 Yen, or $220, and will be available in Japan Nov. 21.


The new screens are 93 percent larger than the DSi Lite’s, and will help gamers enjoy the system’s Internet and Music capabilities, in larger format.

The new DSi XL will be available in three new color flavors; Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White, and will come with two brain training games and the DS Easy Dictionary already installed.

Additionally, the XL DSi will come with two styli, one larger, resembling that of a real pen, and one the normative small size.

Source: Kotaku

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