Telltale Games today revealed an Oct. 30 release date for the fourth chapter in the swashbuckling pirate series Tales of Monkey Island.

Officially dubbed “The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood,” this fourth installment, of five, releases this Friday and sounds like the most action-packed pirate adventure yet.

Official game descriptions are nice aren’t they? They sum events up in such an exciting tone, and in only a few sentences. Remarkable eh? Have a look

The fourth chapter finds Guybrush double-crossed by the pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay and returned to Flotsam Island against his will. Facing an angry mob of poxed pirates with a long list of grievances, Guybrush must defend himself in court against a smooth-talking prosecutor and absolve himself of the false accusations in order to continue his quest to rid the Caribbean of the insidious pox of LeChuck!

Monkey Island fans, I apologize in advance. I’m writing this post from a hotel lobby in Texas at a national journalism convention, and sadly won’t be able to play and subsequently review the title for you for Friday. But fear not, it’ll be here soon!

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