Funcom, maker of the MMORPG “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures,” today revealed that seasonal items and lots more are inbound with the game’s newest rehash.

Update 5.6, officially dubbed “Nights of Lost Souls,” brings about new themed content including loot such as the Unholy Backscratcher weapon as well as the ability to summon a‚  pet demon.

Additionally, with the update, players can discover a new location in Tarantia, a land where, according to Funcom, “dark and gruesome events are taking place.”

“It being that time of year, we employed a few tricks to provide our players with some special treats,” says Craig Morrison, Game Director and Executive Producer on `Age of Conan’. “In this update we have added new seasonal in-game content where players will have to progress through three brand new quest lines and get to challenge the dark and mysterious ghosts of Hyboria’s fallen warriors in order to collect the seasonal rewards. We are also very excited about introducing the Veteran Points system, which allows us to reward those players who have been sticking with the game for longer periods of time.”

Furthermore, with the update comes the introduction of the Veteran Points system. This point-tracking system lets players who’ve subscribed for more than a month collect goodies including mounts, experience potions, teleportation abilities, special equipment and more, for their determined efforts.

Finally, Funcom detailed plans for discounts to those choosing to subscribe for longer periods of time. According to the publisher, adding three months game time to your account now yields a 20% discount, six months game time yields a 30% discount and if you add 12 months to your account you get a whopping 45% discount. And best of all, if you spring for the 12 months, you’ll earn twelve months worth of veteran points up front. Nice.

Looks like a great time to be an Age of Conan fan. I wish I had more any time to play MMOs.

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