Did you miss out on Electronic Arts’ horendously frightful “Dead Space”? If you did, and have an Xbox 360, Microsoft has quite a deal for you.

Added to the Games on Demand section of the Xbox Live Marketplace today was Dead Space and best of all, it’s up there priced at only $19.99.

The game, which released a little over a year ago, runs in full-on 1080p, and is comprised of strategically dismembering hungry creatures among other tasks, in order to stay alive.

We reviewed the title when it came out Oct. 14 of last year, and if you’d like to peruse our review again, you can do so here.

The digital copy Microsoft is selling clocks in at 6GB, so we hope your hard drive is beefy enough to handle it.

At $19.99, the title should be pretty attractive, seeing as GameStop sells a used copy for just $2 less, at $17.99, and this is brand new and runs off your hard drive. But the choice is, as always, yours.

Dead Space — Xbox 360 Games on Demand.

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    So i’m lost now dont know what to do…

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