If this morning’s news of this fall’s premier shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and its third-person shooting element, caught you off-guard, you aren’t alone, we didn’t know what to think either.

Well, know we have substantiated information to share.

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward community manager confirmed third-person existence in MW2, and noted that it’ll remain exclusive to a certain multiplayer playlist.

Speaking with gaming Web site Joystiq, Bowling noted:

“It’s not something you can toggle on and off in ANY game,” said Bowling. The special mode can only be played in private matches — toggled on or off just like “Hardcore” settings — or in playlists that are designated for third-person play. According to Bowling, everyone playing in a third-person playlist will be restricted to the viewpoint. “This is just another cool way to play the game,” he said, “you obviously will still have the option to play gametypes normal as well.”

Interesting. Very interesting. I’ll always know the Call of Duty franchise for its excellence in first-person design, but I’m willingly to entertain the possibility that third-person could work too. What about you?

Source: Joystiq

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  1. denny

    i am not buying the game at all unless they change the dedicated server issue for pc users.

    • dennykiller

      Hey denny…you and those other 150,000+ people who signed that stupid petition arent kidding anyone. Out of all those people probably 90% of them will STILL be buying the game….and probably the first day to boot!
      Its going to be an amazing single player game AND online game and i hope that you dont buy it and just miss out on it…..goodbye NERDTROLL.


        PC pre-preorders = 9% of all MW2 pre-orders. Do you know what that means? It means that PC gamers mean absolute DICK. They may have started the genre but guess who dominates now…CONSOLES. Its the wave of the future….get on the surfboard old PC guys.

      • Grant

        If I wanted a console experience then i’d buy yet another one, however I dont care for FPS games on any console because you cannot “twitch” with thumb sticks.

        I think a N64, Gamecube, Wii, PS2, Xbox and Pc are enough.

  2. Matthew

    Hey ‘Nerdtroll’, you ort to do your sums right. 14 million Est CoD 4 were sold, of tham 2 million were for PC, 2 million is 14.28% of 14 million. As for “…consoles. It’s the wave of the future..” err nope. There are est 1 billion PC’s in the world, and of them 240 MILLION are gaming PC’s.

    The PC will be gaming when the 360 and PS3 with their dark ages networking P2P set up are reduced to being a door stop. As for you dennykiller, you know squat about the PC community, so you can’t say dick about the peetition, as it’ll reach over 200k by the time MW2 is relesed.

    IW is going to lose a mass of $$$$$$, and its reputation over its attitude, and will only have itself to blame. I agree with deddy, no mod tools and dedicated servers, and iw can stick its game. I’ll keep my 60 bucks for BFBC 2.

    • TheManWithTheGoldenShlong

      Yeaht thats 240 million individual pc’s. The xbox has shipped 33 million units and the ps3 29 million units. And they measure in units not individual systems so times both those numbers by 10 and there you go 🙂 the fact that on fifa 10 on the ps3 and xbox there was 250 million games playerd and only 10 percent of xbox and ps3 users has the game shows you the sheer growth of systems, no one likes to play on a pc they just want a simple console that doesnt have specs and stuff to allow to play games and not other games etc, they want a game they expect it to run smoothly without bugs and 7/10 bad graphics. Plus games like Uncharted 2 would never fit on a pc because of this thing called blu ray which is way more powerful than the disc’s pc peeps use.

      • Mario

        WOW blueray mmm
        LOL I can see why developers like console kids, FFS are all you guys this friggin stupid?

        “no one likes to play on a pc” OK Einstein let me fuck your theory… I LOVE PLAYING ON PC so this would make it almost no one and if you care to read once in a while you will understand I am not alone so maybe it should read “I don’t like playing on PC” because I am too stupid to operate PC I prefer my food to be chewed for me and let developers butt rape me” actually it wouldn’t be you getting butt raped you have no money, it will be your mum and dad buying the game for you. After a week of getting your arse handed to you, MW2 will end up collecting dust because you can’t play it. Developers love thick bastards like you so they can sell you the next game and the one after.
        I have read some very very stupid comments coming from the console camp no wonder they sell so many games the whole community has mental problems FFS
        PC players still enjoy COD4 many years after release, developers hate this, they can’t sell me any more games I am happy, the console guys generally don’t pay for the games mum and dad buys the games so there is no loss to you little wanks and mum and dad don’t have any idea you are shelving the game after a week and of course like WAW there will be map packs to buy and other DLC which they charge for and why would you care? You haven’t paid for anything your whole life, mum and dad pay for everything.

  3. Mario

    I’d like to ask, why so many changes to a great game? Why not introduce IWNet and 18 player limits, no dedicated servers etc. with a new game? Let these changes stand against other games and let the public decide? Treyarch started the downward spiral and IW just put the final nail in this coffin.
    Imagine your favourite food or drink suddenly changes everything you liked about it, would you still drink/eat it? Would you accept the spokesman telling you this is better for you. Yes you’re right it wouldn’t happen, yet these clowns would like to tell us otherwise, because they are special and we all love them sooooo much.
    I won’t be buying any Activision/Infinity ward products EVER, I will buy other games, they are not the only Developers, one of the MOST HATED for sure. It seems Robert Bowling has forgotten who buys the console games for the kids, maybe he should get off his XBox for a minute and try the Real World and hear what is being shouted loud and clear. You want to screw with me? I will have my say at the checkout.
    I am sure I will enjoy single player PIRATED copy for a while just in time for Bad Company2 I say.
    It’s not the end of the World we will all move on and games will come and go but this hate will continue long after MW2, my clan was looking forward to MW2 but has just bought two new COD4 servers (which will be shutdown on MW2 release BOYCOTT MW2 DAY) in anticipation of MW2 FAIL. IW may not believe MW2 fail but it is a foregone conclusion for us in PC land. I feel that even if they announced today, there WILL BE dedicated servers for PC it would not save the game, a lot of people have already moved on and had enough of this money grabbing attitude from what was once a good developer. I can’t understand the creative people? They may get rich but with no passion, they work for pay and that has to suck. FPS + Consoles = FAIL, get it into your heads IW or any other developer!! You want me to console? NO PROBLEMS, I own a Wii and PS3, I use PS3 for fighting and driving games FPS is PC DOMAIN simple as that.

    Robert Bowling is pissed off, his coke tastes like peepee, starts petition to boycott coke, cocacola tell him he is cry baby the new coke is big hit with kids and he should enjoy it!

    Robert Bowling really pissed off
    Coca cola has increased the price of it’s drink and although the bottle is now smaller the price has increased. An outraged Rob Bowling has increased the hate on his Twitter and has asked all his kiddy friends to help in the battle. “WTF? I used to love this drink when it was coke now it tastes like peepee and they are charging more for less? Let’s start a petition, I invite all my special friends to a sleepover at my house and we will get things rolling.

    Coca cola received a petition and scoffed at the suggestion the petiton was legitimate. A coca cola spokesman has hit out at Robert Bowling and his cronies saying “We had guys sign the petiton 4 times” This is rubbish and Robert Bowling should stop crying, we have spent more on the development of this drink than any other, HE HAS TO LIKE IT! THE KIDS LOVE IT!

    CocaCola have announced that they don’t give a flying fuck what Robert Bowling thinks or says “he and his friends can go drink Pepsi for all we care we will do fine without him”.

    BTW What ever happened to Vanilla coke?? lol

    • ghekko

      well mario its ok if you dont but activion games i understand what your saying but some other people will keep buying activision games like for me i dont think mw2 is a ruined game. its better playing a game that has balance than the other ones…

      • Mario

        ghekko, just think for a minute what this means to competitive gaming and indeed the whole future of online gaming. Mods for PC are NOT cheats, they are simply a ruleset for all players, the modifications generally remove perks and things like airstrikes, rpgs etc. Basically create a game that is both competitive and fun, this ability has been removed. Ping is the number 1 issue when playing online, when game developers talk of playing with 100 ms ping and saying “it was great” what ping will normal people with domestic connections get? 100ms ping is shit! What ping will Australians and Europeans get? In Australia users are charged for bandwidth and if they are hosting the game it will use their quota.
        At the end of the day this game will be a definite fail on PC, I will be totally blown away if it succeeds in it’s current form. I seriously feel even an attempt to fix these issues later may not be enough to bring PC players back, I am so over it I really don’t give a crap anymore. I bought the collector edition WaW and have not played it since before the game was patched, yes people have said the issues with the game were fixed but I don’t play it. MW2 is heading the same way yes it will sell and it’s great for the developer/publisher but not for the customer/end user who made them the succes they are today. What console games did IW developed before COD?? They have lost their way and are on Treyarch avenue with the rest of fail.
        I hope you are buying console version… there won’t be too many PC players to play with.
        Now they announce the lean key has been removed??!! It’s too complicated for the target audience of this game. The game has Mature audience rating but marketed to kids on consoles I hope they ban it outright it’s what they deserve
        BOYCOTT MW2

      • ghekko

        oh mario if you are talking about pc hell no and I never played pc game since one got virus in my comp and even if there other new awesome games on pc it still sucks and it shouldnt be played on pc. i have a ps3… my psn’s: simbawaserengeti and Jetxray. in my opinion mordern warfare 2 or anyother game that was meant to go to console shouldnt be brought to pc either at that i agree, they removed alot of stuff on pc so anyway i wont incourage my friends to play mw2 on pc… mario if you dont have any game system just get a ps3 i think its better in my opinion =) trust me? well i will keep buying activision games and not a single one on pc

  4. ghekko

    i just dont understand one fact…. if you are a fps user why do you need to get irrated by the “option of 3rd person shooting” that 3rd person shooting is only for those who want 3rd person so you shouldnt really let that bother you. hey guys heard of choices and yeaa remmember its an option!?


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