Activision’s Call of Duty franchise is built on excellence of the first-person-shooter nature, but a leaked video that surfaced today, begs to differ.

Some dude in France got his hands on an early PS3 copy of the game and shared his findings with the world through Youtube, and while grainy and difficult to see, what’s clear is a third-person element.

What? A third-person shooting component? This doesn’t make much sense to us, and the video may be entirely fake, but for now we’ll entertain the possibility, will you?

Also, if the video is indeed real, it’s got loads of spoilers, so purists should stay away.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Kingdre

    no i think its just one of those modes like search and destroy from COD4 and when you die u look at the person that is still in the fight(makes good sense to me)

  2. gunn

    im not so sure that it is a fake. Robert Bowling twitted this very morning and i quote — “Just an FYI, if you’re wanting a spoiler free and pure Modern Warfare 2 experience, now would be a good time for a media blackout.” — thats basically IW saying we’ve been found out.


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