Next summer’s action-adventure film “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” got a bit more interesting today, as mega-game site IGN unearthed some details on the video game to film adaptation project.

In this preview, we’re shown a bulked up Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the lead, and the movie’s supporting cast, including a former Bond girl. Nice!

Additionally, Jerry Bruckheimer, the man famous for making sh*t blow up and look cool doing so, is signed on to produce, so we at least know some talent is hard at work on the project.

We never want to say “this will be the first good video game movie” because really, that’s a horrid jinx to put on anything. But, it does look pretty compelling, at least from this early preview.

Check out the preview trailer below. Sorry for the advertisement, IGN says so.

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  1. Bruce Darren Acosta

    I don’t know if this Prince Of Persia film will turn out but it would be fun
    better than that awful upcoming King Of Fighters movie.
    Thank You.


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